Valkyrie Flight - “Aikido On and Off the Mats”

Name: Valkyrie Flight - “Aikido On and Off the Mats”

Date: January 14, 2023

Time: 1-3 pm PST 

Location: Live-streamed from Victoria Aikido Centre to practice hubs in dojos and homes across North America

Cost: Free

Registration to receive zoom link: Please contact

Hilary Dawson (6th dan, Chief Instructor of the University of Victoria Aikido Club) and her daughter, Anna Stukas (2nd dan, formerly of Vancouver West Aikikai) will be leading a Flight with the theme of “Aikido On and Off the Mats”. As Hilary Sensei explains, "There have been times in my 45 years of practice where I have been unable to train - for a number of reasons - but aikido is still with me.” Together, Hilary Sensei and Anna Sensei, who is also a leader and advocate for women in the field of engineering, will be presenting aikido techniques and tai sabaki exercises that explore how aikido can be practiced both on and off the mats.

This Flight will be for Valkyries who having been finding it difficult to spend as much time in a dojo as they would like - whether because of school, work, motherhood, retirement, or a need to act as a caretaker. Once a Valkyrie, Always a Valkyrie.


Thank you!

Best wishes,

Myrna Harrod-Taniguti,

Chief Instructor, Clearwater Aikikai

Instigator, Aikiblaze - Valkyrie Edition