New Initiatives

The BCAF is hoping to add two new annual events to the aikido calendar in BC, kangeiko and shochugeiko (“mid-summer martial arts training”), with the aim of meeting several goals. First, we want to create more opportunities for BC aikidoka to come together and train. The pandemic has shown us just how valuable such events are, and we are unlikely to take the simple act of stepping onto the mats and practicing as a group for granted ever again. Second, we want to help small dojos that might otherwise find hosting seminars difficult. By encouraging aikidoka to travel to small dojos and by taking advantage of this influx of skill to their communities, we can increase the visibility of aikido in these areas, which we hope will aid in their recruitment of new students. And finally, instructors have been asking for opportunities to share knowledge and gain new teaching skills: Kangeiko will provide a venue for this to occur, with sample classes exploring how to teach kids and adult beginners being included in the schedule.


We hope to see you this February in Clearwater, BC, for the first BCAF Kangeiko. Clearwater Aikikai is presently celebrating its January reopening, which was only made possible thanks to the unfailing support and encouragement of the BCAF and many of its instructors and dojo-cho. Clearwater is located 90 min north of Kamloops on the edge of beautiful Wells Gray Provincial Park, a park that is known for its numerous waterfalls, lakes, and waterways, including the Clearwater River. The venue for Kangeiko will be the Dutch Lake Community Centre, which is located a short distance away from its namesake, Dutch Lake.


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